Donate to GDFI

GDFI have been a home to various individuals and groups (ex. philanthropist, students, researchers, enthusiast, NGO's, etc. ) for their community and environmental projects. The fun and fulfillment gained by this passion and cause driven mission is truly priceless. Unfortunately filling the gaps of our public services was never an easy task, GDFI, a small local NGO, can only do as much as its resources dictates..

Nevertheless, throughout the years, somehow in some way the foundation managed to kindle the hearts of more people to be aware and involve themselves in our quest to help the impoverished communities and the degrading environment, proving that our mission to improve lives should not be limited to the academe, philanthropist or organizations but rather a duty of every person.. to care for humanity and mother earth.

  • Partner

    An individual, group or organization that wants to work exclusively with GDFI on their project of interest.

  • Donor

    Funds contributed by various individuals or groups, these are often channeled accordingly to GDFI's annual project wish list.

  • Volunteer

    For Individuals who wants to devote time and skills for GDFI's cause.