GDFI Rehabilitation Efforts


GDFI is currently working on project proposals for its rehabilitation efforts, the scope of the projects will involve shelter, livelihood, the environment and community health. Developments on these aspects will be posted asap. The Foundation also welcomes any proposals pertaining to these rehabilitation efforts. Please feel free to contact us


With the 40 meters no-build zone policy, a lot of our fisher families will be displaced. The good news is: NHA will build core houses for them. The bad news is the LGU does not have enough resources to acquire lands for the resettlement sites. GDFI is raising funds to purchase the needed land for resettlement of displaced fisher families. This is a lasting gift that we can give to them. Any amount that you can spare will be most highly appreciated (all donors and donations information will be posted on the website, unless specified otherwise).


GDFI is currently working on assisting communities to enable themselves to learn and adapt resilient, environment friendly and economically viable forms of livelihood.


GDFI along with various Organizations (ex. OXFAM, FPE, ZSL, ELTIF etc.) will be partnering to take necessary, immediate and long term, steps in rehabilitating mangrove areas of the Yolanda devastated municipalities.


Schools and village health center repairs are one of GDFI's rehabilitation work. InteRed, an Spain based INGO, is one of the funder for this project.