Congratulations GDFI on your 25th Anniversary!


The Foundation (SEC Registration Number 162087) was organized 25 years ago by Margarita - de la Torre de la Cruz, a University of the Philippines (Visayas-Tacloban) Professor who found the need for a non-stock non-profit organization to provide an effective social and environmental services to the coastal communities, particularly her husband's home town, Guiuan Eastern Samar. Her expertise in community organizing, marine and fishery sciences, have led her to focus on developing methods for sustainable livelihood, integrated with environmental protection.

The degradation and uncontrolled gathering of marine resources, absence of social and financial support, knowledge and technology have caused a great imbalance that consequently led to a dramatic decline of income capacity for communities, which if left unresolved, would eventually result to a more serious repercussions.. economically , socially, environmentally, etc..

With these in heart, GDFI started organizing communities in Guiuan, provided various training that proved to be effective and showed more promise for other avenues. GDFI then decided to include other Municipalities in Eastern Samar which now total to 7 municipalities in it's developmental work.

For the last 25 years, GDFI was able to build schools, organized medical/dental missions, created and trained communities, established municipal marine sanctuaries, serves as secretariat for the A7 (Alliance 7) Municipalities for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, among others.. The importance of a true cause and service oriented NGO's has always been critical to the development of communities and the country as a whole.. Its roles and contributions can never be over emphasized. GDFI is hopeful that in the next 25 years, it will be able to help more its constituents and perhaps realize it's Vision.


A productive environment supporting maximum economic and sustainable yield to empowered coastal communities.

  • To be a center for community and environmental service of Region VIII.
  • A resource center for coastal and marine ecosystem management.


Organize and capacitate coastal communities for community-based integrated coastal zone management.

  • Promote gender-responsive community development programs.
  • Promote marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries development.
  • Support community's in organizing cause oriented groups that encourages social development, livelihood and environmental protection.